Thursday, December 1, 2022
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    The meanings of ‘蓮 (LIT)’ in Lay’s Zhang 4th solo album Part 1. MV honest review, Lay ‘蓮 (LIT)’ MV Making Film

    The king of M-Pop Zhang Yixing 4th solo album title song '莲 (Lit)' MV released through Lay’s YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel on 1st June. The MV features combining high-end production cost and unforeseen real movie scenario solutions overwhelming with magnificent...

    Support body muscles at home without Gym Equipment (6 effective compound movements)

    How to get fit at home without gym equipment? Introducing in easy steps the secret of maintaining muscle at home by Lifestyle Coach Personal Trainer. The importance of the 6 dominant compound movements. The elastic band as multifunctional equipment, and legs workout tips.

    Kokomo 2020: The Renaissance of the ’80s

    What is common between Stranger Things, The Weeknd and Netflix's new show Space Force? The answer is Kokomo. Of course, this does not refer to The Beach Boys 1988 song by the same name; however, it's worth thinking about....

    Baekhyun’s 2nd mini solo album Delightful comeback, Melon All-Kill, Million records sale and sensation of popularity

    SM Entertainment releases EXO member Baekhyun’s 2nd solo mini album 'Delight' on May 25th. One of the most popular South Korean power singer Baekhyun is back with his unique voice. A huge number of fans (EXO-L) supporting him and buying the album in unbelievable amounts by pre-order. The sale of the new 2nd solo album beats continuously his old personal records.

    Mory Kanté was an African singer the legend moved to heaven

    The singer Mory Kanté, made a big step, he helped bring African music to world audiences. His famous song from 1987 with huge hits like Yéké Yéké, all around the world.

    Why do we want to live another life: to celebrate celebrities like Kardashians?

    The perfect lives of Kardashians like people become what many living a normal life strive for. Why are we celebrate celebrities? The obsession.

    When the dreams comes true.. Hungary to Indonesia

    Before our conversation, I was wondering, that Anett’s life is truly filled with excitement and eventful for her age. Anett comes from a small Dél- Alföld - Hungarian city called Baja, and today she lives in Indonesia, ..

    A diving paradise in Curacao! Interview with András Gáti

    I don't think I'm really overreacting when I say that you can meet Hungarian people all over the world. There may not be a country, province or island on Earth where Hungarians wouldn’t have settled. Up to this day, there are many who don’t even know that there is a small island in the southern Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela called Curacao. András Gáti lives on this wonderful island, with our author Gabriella Flórián we can find out how András got to the island which belongs to the Netherlands Antilles.

    Music is speaking for the public in all languages

    No wonder that many toddlers are very committed to music at an early age, and even if they are not becoming a famous musicians or singers, music plays an important role throughout their lives.

    A new kind of stardust

    It's almost a cliché story now when someone goes on YouTube, makes a bunch of great videos, goes viral...
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    The Rubik’s Cube and its inventor

    Sok felfedező születtett már, és igen sok hasznos és leleményes ötletet valósítottak meg. Hogy melyik találmány hozza meg a tervezőjének az ismertséget és a világsikert? Azt sohasem lehet előre tudni, nincs biztos recept. A Rubik-kocka olyan logikai találmány, amely sokunkat rabul ejtett gyerekként. Sőt vannak, akik felnőttkorukra sem nőtték ki a kockához fűződő ragaszkodásukat.
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