Thursday, December 1, 2022
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    Why to choose Hungarian wines?

    Hungarian wines are not classified as the best wines in the world, but it is well known that the science of viticulture and wine making has been perfected by Hungarian winemakers for hundreds of years. The Hungarian wines are getting greater and they are achieving better and better places in several competitions, thus bringing a bigger reputation to the Hungarian wineries as well.

    Secrets of the elderberry plant- The versatile herb

    One of the most useful herbs in nature's pharmacy is the elderberry, which is not only magical but also a healing power! Both the flower and the fruit of elderberry have a healing effect, both are very tasty, which is why so many people love them. Our author Ria shares her own family recipes with our readers.

    Easter Eggs- Colour them natural

    Easter is coming, fortunately, in many countries, old traditions are still preserved at Easter, not just at Christmas. One of the most striking traditions is the egg painting. There are many egg paintings by country and by region. Now, one of the simplest natural painting techniques is presented by our author, Gabriella Flórián.

    Fruits and vegetables, which goes where? Fridge or freezer?

    People often buy lots of fruits and vegetables when they go to the market. Of course, they want to use these slowly over the week. It's good to know how to store them, so they can stay fresh longer. Ria collected the most important storage methods for vegetables and fruits.

    David Jakabfi Patissier – A Glimpse into the World of a Pastry Chef

    Culinary arts are increasingly popular and the constantly developing creations are now made readily available to the general public to try. Today, we are talking to David Jakabfi, a master Patissier, who will guide us through the world of ‘Plated Desserts’. Read Gabriella Florian’s interview with David to find out more…
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    The Rubik’s Cube and its inventor

    Sok felfedező születtett már, és igen sok hasznos és leleményes ötletet valósítottak meg. Hogy melyik találmány hozza meg a tervezőjének az ismertséget és a világsikert? Azt sohasem lehet előre tudni, nincs biztos recept. A Rubik-kocka olyan logikai találmány, amely sokunkat rabul ejtett gyerekként. Sőt vannak, akik felnőttkorukra sem nőtték ki a kockához fűződő ragaszkodásukat.
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