Thursday, December 1, 2022
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    Why to choose Hungarian wines?

    Hungarian wines are not classified as the best wines in the world, but it is well known that the science of viticulture and wine making has been perfected by Hungarian winemakers for hundreds of years. The Hungarian wines are getting greater and they are achieving better and better places in several competitions, thus bringing a bigger reputation to the Hungarian wineries as well.

    When the dreams comes true.. Hungary to Indonesia

    Before our conversation, I was wondering, that Anett’s life is truly filled with excitement and eventful for her age. Anett comes from a small Dél- Alföld - Hungarian city called Baja, and today she lives in Indonesia, ..

    A leaked Amazon email reveals what effect the coronavirus has on global e-commerce.

    The coronavirus infection has shocked the world, but no one foresees the economic consequences of everything. Not to be neglected, the situation is worsening, and, as a result, uninfected parts of the world feel the severity of the problem. Let's...

    China Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak update

    LIVE UPDATES: Global cases Interactive Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Visualization Heat Map Global Cases Interactive Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Visualization Heat Map SURVEILLANCE 1 February The US has declared a public health emergency over the spread of the Coronavirus and said it would deny entry to...

    The global news of Novel Coronavirus

    The global news of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) trending continuously. Number of the infections climbs, and so does the death toll worldwide and in China. WHO hold emergency meeting on Wednesday 29 January 2020. Quarantine zone in Wuhan. Foreigner citizens evacuation plan in process affected by numerous countries.

    Coronavirus panic is on the rise

    The panic began when a new, previously unknown virus was discovered on 12. December 2019. in Wuhan, China. Thousands of patients in the city are reporting colds, Chinese researchers

    Celebration of Las Fallas

    Fireworks and firecrackers? Even in March? Yes, in Valencia, You can experience all of this in a real crazy fiesta for several days. If you want to experience the true Mediterranean feeling and atmosphere, then you should visit this Spanish event, Las Fallas,
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    Latest News

    The Rubik’s Cube and its inventor

    Sok felfedező születtett már, és igen sok hasznos és leleményes ötletet valósítottak meg. Hogy melyik találmány hozza meg a tervezőjének az ismertséget és a világsikert? Azt sohasem lehet előre tudni, nincs biztos recept. A Rubik-kocka olyan logikai találmány, amely sokunkat rabul ejtett gyerekként. Sőt vannak, akik felnőttkorukra sem nőtték ki a kockához fűződő ragaszkodásukat.
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