Thursday, December 1, 2022
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    Why to choose Hungarian wines?

    Hungarian wines are not classified as the best wines in the world, but it is well known that the science of viticulture and wine making has been perfected by Hungarian winemakers for hundreds of years. The Hungarian wines are getting greater and they are achieving better and better places in several competitions, thus bringing a bigger reputation to the Hungarian wineries as well.

    Why do we want to live another life: to celebrate celebrities like Kardashians?

    The perfect lives of Kardashians like people become what many living a normal life strive for. Why are we celebrate celebrities? The obsession.

    When the dreams comes true.. Hungary to Indonesia

    Before our conversation, I was wondering, that Anett’s life is truly filled with excitement and eventful for her age. Anett comes from a small Dél- Alföld - Hungarian city called Baja, and today she lives in Indonesia, ..

    Easter Eggs- Colour them natural

    Easter is coming, fortunately, in many countries, old traditions are still preserved at Easter, not just at Christmas. One of the most striking traditions is the egg painting. There are many egg paintings by country and by region. Now, one of the simplest natural painting techniques is presented by our author, Gabriella Flórián.

    Music is speaking for the public in all languages

    No wonder that many toddlers are very committed to music at an early age, and even if they are not becoming a famous musicians or singers, music plays an important role throughout their lives.

    A new kind of stardust

    It's almost a cliché story now when someone goes on YouTube, makes a bunch of great videos, goes viral...

    New Year messages from around the world!

    When we close a year and look back, there is always something we want to change to make things a little better next year.

    Kirk Douglas – a legend has gone forever

    How heartbreaking it is to say goodbye to someone who was your father, your best friend, your best counsellor, and your best critic who left you forever.
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    The Rubik’s Cube and its inventor

    Sok felfedező születtett már, és igen sok hasznos és leleményes ötletet valósítottak meg. Hogy melyik találmány hozza meg a tervezőjének az ismertséget és a világsikert? Azt sohasem lehet előre tudni, nincs biztos recept. A Rubik-kocka olyan logikai találmány, amely sokunkat rabul ejtett gyerekként. Sőt vannak, akik felnőttkorukra sem nőtték ki a kockához fűződő ragaszkodásukat.
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