Thursday, December 1, 2022
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    Even athletes die once … we are mourning two great water polo players at once

    It is always a huge loss when we lose one of our loved ones, but when we have to say goodbye to a man, who was loved by a whole country and whose life was accompanied to the very end - it is an even sadder goodbye. Never in the history of Hungarian water polo had it ever occurred that the country lost two of its successful and efficient players with only one day between. We hereby commemorate György Kárpáti and Tibor Benedek, three-time Olympic champions.

    10th of May – About the National Tree and Birds Day

    Respect, love and admiration for nature on the part of humans may be seen in May, The Day of Birds and Trees.

    Easter Eggs- Colour them natural

    Easter is coming, fortunately, in many countries, old traditions are still preserved at Easter, not just at Christmas. One of the most striking traditions is the egg painting. There are many egg paintings by country and by region. Now, one of the simplest natural painting techniques is presented by our author, Gabriella Flórián.

    Auschwitz-Birkenau is one of the most striking historical events in the world

    There have been mass killings and massacres in many countries throughout the history of the world. One of the largest places of the massacres in Europe is the Auschwitz-Birkenau Death Camp in Poland. Many children, women and men were deported because of their religious affiliation and they became the victims of the massacre. Remember those who had no chance to escape that terrible camp. Today's commemorative article was compiled by our author Gabriella Flórián.

    10 men who changed the world, they are all Hungarians

    We all are proud of these 10 talented people. It is impossible to fit every Hungarian inventor into a simple list. However, the work of these 10 people definitely contributed to how we live our lives today and how our life is easier than before. Article by Gabriella Florian author.

    A handful Switzerland

    From all the European countries Switzerland is the most interesting. Although it borders on several countries, it is unique and eccentric, but one of the most striking is that Swiss cows are purple. At least that’s what I thought for so long, because on the kids favourite chocolate, the cow was always purple. To put the jokes aside, I think the Swiss are quite reserved and stick to their traditions, Fortiana's article gives a glimpse into the country of snowy skies and green pastures.
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    The Rubik’s Cube and its inventor

    Sok felfedező születtett már, és igen sok hasznos és leleményes ötletet valósítottak meg. Hogy melyik találmány hozza meg a tervezőjének az ismertséget és a világsikert? Azt sohasem lehet előre tudni, nincs biztos recept. A Rubik-kocka olyan logikai találmány, amely sokunkat rabul ejtett gyerekként. Sőt vannak, akik felnőttkorukra sem nőtték ki a kockához fűződő ragaszkodásukat.
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