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    Gold or Silver? The great dilemma

    Getting ready in the morning is different for everyone, some people don't care much about it, standing in front of the closet in the morning, pick out something for the day and it's done. Others plan carefully the night before, what they will wear the next day, and what sort of accessory would be best for them.

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    As we getting ready in the morning, many people have the dilemma of choosing which jewelry to wear for that day’s dress. Would gold or silver fit better?

    I know people who are just standing in front of their wardrobe for half an hour and look at what to wear. Half an hour is a precious time for today’s people. There is so much we can do in half an hour in this running world. By now, we have been accelerating so much, that whoever spends so much time just choosing clothes is just a waste of time.

    Just think of that, if you would know it? If you would know how to combine the dresses, or which dress symbolize what, and what you suggesting with it, you can choose your look for the day much faster.

    Let’s start by saying that gold is one of the noble metals you use to make yourself one of the first. In people’s minds, they immediately think of the first place or wealth. Silver is also valuable and can be very feminine, especially with blue. With that, you can emphasize femininity.

    However, if you are aware of which precious metal works best for you, it is much easier to even choose colours.

    Gold or Silver? The great dilemmaYou can see with a piece of cloth or kerchief that your face goes better with gold or silver. If gold brightens your face and doesn’t make you look pale, then warm colours can be very beneficial for you, but if silver works better for you, then choose cool colours in stores.

    Once you know that warm or cold colours are better, you can shorten your morning preparation and get other things done in the morning too.

    The bottom line is to apply colours around your face that brighten and highlight the colour of your skin and eyes. At the bottom, you can choose anything that harmonizes with it.

    The point is, don’t mix the two metals. And men should be careful when they choose a cuff button it should go with their watch and not be different in colour from it.

    Jewelry can be an integral part of our style and, if we choose the wrong one, it can ruin the overall effect. If we are not sure, we should rather choose a fine little one, which is hardly noticeable, so we can be much more elegant.

    Gold or Silver? The great dilemma
    Gold or Silver? The great dilemma

    I’ve seen a lady who put on a piece of huge jewelry with a beautiful dress and made her look like a Christmas tree. She was sitting wrong way on the horse and therefore she could no longer suggest what she wanted. She lost her subtle femininity and we got a woman who was too much for the human eye. Sometimes less is more!

    Another good advice for women, don’t wear too much jewelry, if you want to wear a necklace, don’t add earrings or something that is so small that is hard to see, and don’t even need a bracelet. If we want to wear a more visible earring then we do not need to wear a necklace because it is enough by itself.

    For men, choosing the right colour is important because the colour of the cufflink or the watch can be determined. Gold in itself is a masculine colour, but with silver, we can achieve a slightly finer effect.

    The watch must always match the colour of the button, otherwise, there is a small mistake and our style is over.

    Gold or Silver? The great dilemma
    Gold or Silver? The great dilemma

    So, the jewelry we wear can be a decisive element of our look, because we can be even more fashionable and tasteful. However, if we have too many of them on us, our appearance may fail.

    For women, a beautiful watch can be elegant too. But we have to make sure that it fits into our jewelry, our bracelet. A smaller watch with a thinner bracelet is even more beautiful and elegant. The big-sized watch is once again good for those with thicker wrists because it can make our forearms optically smaller. On the thinner wrist, a thinner watch is much more harmonious and won’t make it optically smaller.

    Gold or Silver? The great dilemma
    Gold or Silver? The great dilemma

    In everyday life, it is very important to dress consciously, the right clothes for the right occasion are very important. Whether we want it or not that people to notice us, let’s give it away to make ourselves interesting and memorable for them by the way how good we look in the clothes we wear. All clothes are good if they are worn well in the right occasion and the person who wears them is feeling comfortable in them.

    The style is the man itself!



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