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    Mory Kanté was an African singer the legend moved to heaven

    The singer Mory Kanté, made a big step, he helped bring African music to world audiences. His famous song from 1987 with huge hits like Yéké Yéké, all around the world.

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    Gabriella Flórián
    Gabriella Flórián
    Life always gives us an opportunity that, if we can use it well, it will serve us. I believe that I became a founding member of this magazine for a reason.

    Mory Kanté was born at 29 March 1950 in Albadaira, Guinea. He was born in a famous family called “griots” – West African storytellers and musicians. Mory was player of the kora harp – a West African harp and a Guinean vocalist. He started to learn music when he was just seven, he’s family sent him to Mali to learn to play the kora harp. He born and raised in the West African Mandingo traditional culture plus Muslim religion, he came up with a unique sound by mixing his kora with modern electronic music.

    Mory’s carrier started in 1970s, he joined Mali’s legendary group the Rail Band of Bamako and performed alongside Salif Keita. When Keita left, Mory became the lead singer.

    Mory Kanté was an African singer the legend moved to heavenMory Kanté made a great music and he had lots of albums: La Guinéenne, Akwaba Beach, Touma, Tatebola and more.

    After Yéké Yéké song, he was best known internationally – this song reached number- one in Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Finland too. This song was one of iconic song in late 1980s, I remember well for this song with lot of party.            Mory’s Akwaba Beach album was the best-selling African record of its time.

    Mory Kanté belonged to a generation of avant-garde African musicians who dared to create great new sounds.


    Mory Kanté is the latest prominent African musician to pass away in short time, after the recent deaths of Manu Dibango, Tony Allen and Idir. Without them the African music culture became poorer.

    He travelled a lot as a goodwill ambassador for international organisations like Unicef, the FAO, UNHCR.  Mory was involved in various humanitarian causes in Africa and more countries in Eastern Europe.


    He had few chronic illnesses, and sometimes he travelled for treatment to France. Because of coronavirus, he didn’t receive the treatment like before. Kanté died at the age 70 on Friday in the capital hospital (Conakry). Balla Kanté Mory’s son told his father’s dieth is the result of untreated health problems.

    Mory Kanté singer, who helped bring African music to world audiences with hits like Yéké Yéké in late 1980s, he died in Guinea 22.05.2020.  Mory had 13 great albums that he left to posterity.

    Mory Kanté was an African singer the legend moved to heaven

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