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    The meanings of ‘蓮 (LIT)’ in Lay’s Zhang 4th solo album Part 1. MV honest review, Lay ‘蓮 (LIT)’ MV Making Film

    The king of M-Pop Zhang Yixing 4th solo album title song '莲 (Lit)' MV released through Lay’s YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel on 1st June. The MV features combining high-end production cost and unforeseen real movie scenario solutions overwhelming with magnificent trendy music atmosphere. On 9th June Lay '蓮 (LIT)' MV Making Film is available on Lay’s YouTube channel.

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    The king of M-Pop Zhang Yixing 4th solo album title song ‘ (Lit)’ MV released through Lay’s YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel on 1st June. The MV features combining high-end production cost and unforeseen real movie scenario solutions overwhelming with magnificent trendy music atmosphere. On 9th June Lay ‘蓮 (LIT)’ MV Making Film is available on Lay’s YouTube channel.


    Award-winning Chinese singer/songwriter, dancer, author, and actor Zhang Yixing, Lay Zhang (张艺兴) 4th solo album title song ‘莲 (Lit)’ MV released through Lay’s YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel on 1st June.

    Including 6 songs from the genre of ‘M-POP (Mandarin-POP)’, which adds and Western music style such as hip-hop and R&B to traditional Chinese music with the motif of past life and posterity. Lay participates in the title song composition, and arrangement, as well as the production of all songs confirming his talented appearance as a producer and songwriter. The secret of the magnificent atmosphere is in the mixture of traditional and modern music. He uses Chinese music instruments such as the four-stringed pipa (琵琶), the Zhangu (战鼓) war drum or in Jade (玉) curucbit flute. With Lay’s own words M-POP is a mix of Mandarin POP (Chinese & other languages), mix them together, and collaborate.

    Lay ‘蓮 (LIT)’ MV historical ancient Chinese background:

    The main story is based on a representative opera bit of the late Chinese theatre investor Mei Lanfang Farewell My Concubine (Chinese: 歌剧 霸王别姬 ) recounts to a romantic tale dependent on the legend of  Xiang Yu the ancient Chu Kingdom and his cherished partner Yu. Xiang lost a fight for the throne and Yu committed suicide with his sword.

    Lay ‘蓮 (LIT)’ MV production:

    The production time is as long as 6 months. The exact production budget some source says it was around 1.4 Million $ US. The MV for 蓮 (LIT) was filmed in the Qin Palace and other places. It used hundreds of people for group performances. At the same time, it was equipped with a special shooting department for movies such as material arts, and props groups. The production of effects company is the Dexter Studio. This is the first occasion when they have created MV as they the most part make movies, for example, the Oscar-Winning “Parasite”.

    On 9th June Lay ‘蓮 (LIT)’ MV Making Film is available on Lay’s YouTube channel.

    YouTube LAY: LAY ‘莲 (Lit)’ MV Making Film


    The puzzle between the connections of his albums:

    As Lay Zhang mentioned in one earlier Billboard interview, he sorts out an association between his albums, just as hints at another bit of the riddle that fans can anticipate from his next album. Yixing uncovers that in the event you that you string together song titles from every one of his records (“What U Need,” “I Need You,” and “Give Me a Chance,”), they make a total sentence that he needs to tell individuals.

    In this way, in the event that you can interface the entire thing, it’s a sentence Lay clarifies. Along these lines, What You Need, I Need You, Give Me a Chance. He includes that this pattern will proceed on his next record, indicating that the main word will be “handle”.

    The meanings of ‘蓮 (LIT)’:

    The name of the song 蓮 means lotus in Chinese. Its English pronunciation is similar to a lit. In Chinese culture, the lotus is a decent plant that consistently keeps perfect even it develops and grows in mud. The flower represents something unearthly and illuminating for Eastern cultures which is the reason the lotus is frequently observed close by divine figure. The lotus blooms day by day resurrection is and representative of recovery and revival.

    This makes it an ideal present for anybody recovering from injury or awful experience (Lay’s EXO superpower is healing). This flower additionally has a strong will to live. A lotus seed can withstand many years without water, ready to germinate more than two centuries later. In spite of the fact that societies have to a great extent named the lotus as a spiritual figurehead, it is generally significant of the faith and confidence within ourselves.

    Buddhist lotus represents Patience, Love and Compassion, Self-Awareness, Rising out of Suffering, and white lotus symbolizes Purity

    The meanings of '蓮 (LIT)' in Lay's Zhang 4th solo album Part 1. MV honest review, Lay '蓮 (LIT)' MV Making Film
    Lotus, picture by Pixabay,

    The meanings of ‘蓮 (LIT)’ in MV:

    Nowadays individuals use lotus amusingly to depict someone who seems to be two-faced, fake, and not pure or honest. Lay‘s anti-fans use this nickname and calling him “white lotus” to describe him. With this song, Yixing accepted this name and decided to respond and mock it on those people who trying to take him down.

    Lotus keeps on appearing in the MV several times. It appears on Lay‘s cloth, a motive on all dancers’ shoes, and as a blooming flower. If you watching carefully in the music video at 1:43 the dancers floating around him. As indicated by Buddhist myth the Buddha appeared atop a floating lotus and his first strides on Earth left lotus blooms. A beautiful metaphor of how he acknowledges being white lotus is how Lay is smearing the ink with his own hand all over his face or emerges from the water.

    Symbols: Part or fully connected to Lay’s previous MV Namanana, Honey, or EXO’s Obsession, (X-Lay), Wolf. Page of Cups tarot cards is a messenger who brings the beginnings of ‘self-love’ or conveys the message that time and space is needed for new feelings to grow or develop. The tree of life commonly represents the interconnectedness of everything in the universe.

    The Devil tarot card which usually means temptation also means freedom. It means there are new things coming your way. Eye of hours or all-seeing eye (it’s changed to dragon eye in the MV) is believed to provide protection, health, and rejuvenation, hanged man means sacrifice and the moment before moving forward and starting, spiritual enlightenment, and reflection, calm. The Chinese Dragon is a symbol of the strength, power and good luck.

    Detailed review;

    Dance: The blend of popping and krump style components in the choreography is in sensational concordance with the music and the lyric. Trust we don’t have to wait long for the dance practice video released. Lay‘s solo dance is full of power, splendid, rhythm, and emotions are in the right place.

    Hook: Absolute brilliant give the real battle sentiment of warrior vibes.

    Sound effects: The sound effects so realistic that I can imagine myself standing with closed eyes in the middle of the battlefield without watching the MV. My favorite is the sword slash voice.

    Visual effects: It literally shows how deep and perfect the planning was. Every second is in harmony with the lyric, dance, high lighted the context and display it clearly. Professional camera moves and works of cinematography are superb. I appreciate the way how the scene of the battling image changes to black and white. The leading dominant colours are black, gold, white, and red.

    Sing: Lay’s rap skills improved a lot.

    Music: It gives us a powerful feeling with an intense engagement while using a minimalistic instrument choice. Traditional Chinese music instruments blend well together with modern music. It can be said to be a fusion of Chinese, Western, and ancient and modern.

    CGI: Insane like a trailer of one high-end Movie. The dragon scene is absolutely mind-blowing.

    Costume: Lay and his dancers appear in both traditional Chinese and modern styles. The warriors and the opera theatre actors wearing only traditional Chinese costumes and accessories.

    My opinion about the MV is all in one bond together in perfect BALANCE.

    YouTube LAY: LAY ‘莲 (Lit)’ MV:

    ‘莲 Lit Lyrics (English Translation)

    By: Lay Zhang/Zhang Yixing, (Chinese: 张艺兴)


    Look at me, good?

    You make an answer

    Look at me, good?

    You know what I’m saying

    You wanna knock me down?

    What do you want from me?

    They got all eyes on me


    I stand tall at the next level

    Ready to take on my title

    Turn on a blind eye on the filth

    The lotus that remain untained from the mud

    I’m still on my way

    I haven’t ever looked back

    I march straight to the next level


    Now we go

    Take, take, take

    No one beat me down

    Take, take, take

    Play another round

    Take, take, and take

    You can’t knock me down

    Take, take, and take

    I walk my own way


    I am the 莲 (lotus)

    Lit, lit, lit

    I am Lit



    Too many people can’t tell the right from wrong

    They’re confused because they lack faith

    Got fooled by too many lies

    Rumours are spreaded as the truth

    I came all the way with dangers surrounded

    Your words are just cliche

    Don’t be ridiculous

    Cause the king is never tired

    I am the king

    In the kingdom of music

    I kiss my ring

    This belongs to me

    I put on my crown

    I got the power You know it

    I got the power You know it

    I got it, woah

    So many people wanna stumble me (They can’t)

    So many people are meddling (No, no, no, no)

    So many people are waiting in line

    Look closely cause I am indeed untainted from the mud

    You wanna fight and we having a fight

    Time will decide but you know I survive

    Music, my arena

    Feeling the vibe

    Taking China to the world (You should know)


    I am 莲(lotus)

    Lit, lit, lit

    I am the 莲(lotus)

    I am Lit

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